Partners in the R2R-CIGS project

R2R-CIGS project partners include 10 research institutions and companies from Austria, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK.

Together, they vertically integrate cutting-edge research and know-how in processes and systems for manufacturing of complete flexible solar modules based on CIGS technology.




TNO (The Netherlands)
TNO is a fully independent R&D organization with a staff of approximately 4100. TNO conducts applied research and provides R&D services to industry and government.
In R2R-CIGS, TNO is project coordinator and develops processes and equipment for depositing of buffer and electrode layers.




Beneq (Finland)
Beneq Oy is a supplier of ALD and aerosol coating equipment and technologies for thin-film, solar and glass markets.
In R2R-CIGS, Beneq develops an atomic layer deposition (ALD) process and system for deposition of barrier layers.




Centre for Process Innovation Limited (UK)
CPI supports R&D by providing development facilities and services to help clients develop, scale up and take new products and processes to market.
Within R2R-CIGS, CPI contributes barrier layer technologies and coordinates exploitation planning, IPR management and dissemination of the project's results




EMPA Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Switzerland)
EMPA is an interdisciplinary research and service institution for materials science and technology.
In R2R-CIGS, Empa's Thin-Films and Photovoltaics Research group develops the project's high efficiency thin-film CIGS core technology. EMPA is the project’s scientific coordinator.






Flisom (Switzerland)
Flisom develops roll-to-roll CIGS coating systems and manufactures laser-scribed, monolithically interconnected flexible solar modules.
In R2R-CIGS, Flisom contributes know-how in flexible solar module manufacturing, tests the project's technologies and, as project end user, verifies their integration within an industrial manufacturing context.




Isovoltaic (Austria)
Isovoltaic develops back-sheet and encapsulation technologies for solar modules.
In R2R-CIGS, Isovoltaic develops the project's encapsulating materials and lamination technologies.




Manz CIGS Technology (Germany)
Manz CIGS Technology develops manufacturing systems for thin-film technologies, including CIGS coating and laser-scribing equipment for monolithically interconnected glass-based solar modules.
In R2R-CIGS, Manz brings expertise as system developer and end user for industrial integration and testing.




Mondragon Assembly (Spain)
Mondragon Assembly is a manufacturer of automated manufacturing systems with, among others, an expertise in laser scribing and systems for the solar manufacturing industry.
In R2R-CIGS, Mondragon Assembly develops the project's roll-to-roll automated laser-scribing system.




VDL FLOW (The Netherlands)
VDL FLOW is an equipment manufacturer and high-tech system integrator focusing on the development and realization of high-performance, novel roll-to-roll (R2R) production equipment for flexible electronics.
In R2R-CIGS, VDL FLOW develops an R2R atomic layer deposition (ALD) tool for buffer layers to be integrated into a manufacturing line.




ZSW - Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff (Germany)
ZSW is dedicated to the research and development of photovoltaic thin-film materials (CIGS, organic), hydrogen technology, and electrochemical energy conversion and storage.
In R2R-CIGS, ZSW contributes its know-how in thin-film layer deposition, laser patterning, and photovoltaic device testing.