Solar energy

The main application of R2R-CIGS results is to manufacturing of flexible solar modules. Flexible and lightweight solar modules can be used on buildings, electronic devices, vehicles and many other places. Compared to other solar module technologies, flexible CIGS solar modules are especially advantageous on curved surfaces or where light weight or flexibility are highly desirable such as light structures or mobile power.
The R2R-CIGS project helps reduce costs of solar energy and therefore expand the number of uses and worldwide locations for solar power.

Lighting and display manufacturing

Several technologies used for production of flexible solar modules are also applicable to the production of LED- or OLED-based flexible lighting and displays. These include thin-film coating and laser scribing technologies.


Partners in the R2R-CIGS project advance know-how in several coating processes and their use in roll-to-roll manufacturing. High technology coatings are used in many markets, whether it is to deposit a protective layer for packaging material, to confer specific optical properties to glass or other materials, or to provide chemically reactive elements to thin-film layer stacks.
For example, the roll-to-roll spatial Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technology developed by R2R-CIGS provides means to deposit epitaxial high quality layers with low material usage and deposition rates that are faster than conventional ALD. This technology is applicable to deposition of passivation layers, buffer layers, transparent conductive oxide layers (TCO), and barrier layers to manufacture thin-film photovoltaics, LED's, and displays. 


Encapsulation technologies are applicable to electronics, lighting, displays, and packaging. The encapsulation technologies developed by R2R-CIGS not only offer solutions for flexible solar modules but also for many other products where flexible and cost-effective water and vapour barriers are desired. The front sheet systems used for solar modules are protective and have high light transmittance.

Laser scribing

Laser scribing is widely used in thin-film photovoltaics, LCD display manufacturing, flexible electronics, object marking, and packaging. The high precision and finely controlled roll-to-roll laser scribing automation developed by R2R-CIGS is therefore applicable to a broad range of promising markets.

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